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dsgrue3 said:
dsgrue3 said:

If it isn't in the media, how do you think the mainstream will know of it? It's simply not gaining any attention at all, except to you know how advertising works? Lol

Futhermore, do you think XBO commercials are going to feature games or NFL fantasy football? I rest my case...come back to reality okay?

No but when they take a break they will have a xbox one there showing what it can do. All the ESPN shows about fantasy football pics. Do you know how many sports radio stations are out there. The point being they won't talk about it tell it's launched. Football essentially starts next week.

I do advertising smart guy. So you need to come back to reality.

If you don't think this, you are the one that is lost.

When who takes a break?

"All the ESPN shows about fantasy football pics." This isn't even a cogent sentence, I have no idea what you're trying to say here.

Sports radio shows? Haha, you think the radio shows are going to talk about XBO fantasy league feature? Wow...

"They won't talk about it tell it's launched." This again makes no sense at all unless I substitute the word "until" for "tell." 

"I do advertising smart guy." - This is supposed to lend credence to your non-argument why? You haven't backed up any of your outlandish assertions. Can't even follow half of them because you can't form sentences or use appropriate words.

I'm tempted to report you for failing to proof-read your shit. Try harder.

They talk about fantasy football all the time  and who you should pick.