Suke said:
SxyxS said:
you'll get a lot of trouble here claiming that nintendo games are for kids but this time it seems alright!

I don't think that the non-3Ds is for kids.Usually you buy nice looking handhelds or games for them but not mr. uglyness himself.

Ain't that what games were meant to be, and not only kids, but for everyone. K-A (Kids to Adults). There so many overhyped rated M games, that I can't even count. Now we have soccer moms fee; games are the devil now :P

You are right.I was joking because of the Wii U release.Many said that it is a console for kids and others said:no!Now we finally have a product that can unite us all.

but i still have to get used to the fact that the foldable 3D handheld is now an unfoldable 2D handheld-a 180 close to xbox1 xD)