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bananaking21 said:
btw could you add xbox sale to the thread? i came in here hoping it was on playstation as well

Oh yeah sorry about that, I just put it under Microsoft disscussions but should've added that. While I have both consoles and love a good bargain I still haven't really looked into PSN much or how their "Deal of the week" type thing goes so if you see a thread from me about deals and games it's almost definately going to be about the 360

Added your US prices to the OP btw cowsandsheep thanks for that, as for table tennis btw that is always 15 on the store, it is a launch game. and we have the exact same shit with the deal of the week in EU as you got in the states, MVC is 15euros and right next to it is UMVC for 15.... how fucking annoyed would you be if you accidentally click the wrong window and get the older game with less characters :s they did that awhile back too with the capcom dev sale, Had Street fighter 4 (25 chars) alongside Super Street fighter 4 AE (39 chars) for the same price and the online for that doesn't cross over so there would be no one playing vanilla SF4 online.

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