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Hey I know everyone is looking forward to new games for the X1 and PS4 but right now on the main games page of your Xbox console you'll find Rockstar games very heavily reduced which include a few amazing Gems that people might have missed from this and in 1 case the generation before!

As is the norm with these sales the actual Xbox website (at least the EU one) is absolutely miles behind the times so there is no one link to the full sale atm but definately power up your xbox's and take a look at what is on offer.

^ This right here, Bully for under €4 and the beautiful 360 version of it too, this game is normally cheap enough but now with 75% off you really can't go wrong here.

^ While red dead is just reduced to €14.99 which isn't really much to shout about, all of it's dlc has been reduced by a ton.

^ LA noire down to 14.99 also

^ LA noires season pass is just under €3 that is a hell of a lot of extra case work to play through if you already own the game.


But yeah like I said, I don't have a single link for all the stuff which is on offer but definately fire up your 360 during the next few days and check it out, you'll find it on the first portion of the Dashboard.

Happy Bargain hunting -


Edit - from cowsandsheeps

"The US price of the games -

Max Payne 3 $9.99
Bully $3.74
Midnight Club LA $7.49
Don't know if Rockstar Table Tennis, Red Dead, La Noire and GTA IV on sale - all $14.99"

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