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MohammadBadir said:
Areym said:
_crazy_man_ said:
Areym said:
That is an obscene amount of mario games. Obscene.

And yet all of them will be good. :3

That is the real question! How does mario stay so fresh and continue to break sales records and shit? He's been at it for 20 years and he still kicks ass every single gen! Truly admirable. Now, if only they would give me Super Mario RPG 2 TT~TT

Mario's about 32 now :P

yeah, I'd love a Super Mario RPG 2. the thing is, Nintendo doesn't own Geno and the others, and Paper Mario was supposed to  be called Super Mario RPG 2 but Square didn't want that for some reason, and today, that sequel, which I'd love to play, doesn't seem likely T-T

Eh, figures there are some legal issues behind it. Well, a man can dream.

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