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I thought it was okay, basically a rehash of E3 but with more Vita and Indie support; though I must say I find it pretty ironic of those who try to downplay the Indie support when Indie Devs really made the 360 a even more of a household name; how's that summer of arcade working out for ya?)

for people saying it was boring/dissapointing I can't do anything about you opinion but I would asked compared to what? Sony seemed to be the only one that actually went all-out for their conference we got: some new titles(mostly indie) for both Vita/PS4/PS3/ price cut for Vita/Some exclusive content& many time exclusive titles/ and an actual release date for the console!(and releasing in double the amount of countries than the XB1)

all we got from MS so far was Fifa 14 being free for Europe, pricing models for KI, and Fable Legends...compared to what Sony brought to this years Gamescom, MS really didn't set the world on fire either...