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Turkish said:
eFKac said:
Turkish said:
A lot of disappointed people really have a distorted view of reality. Its your fault if you expected another E3 just 2 months after E3. I dont think a lot of people have ever followed GamesCom before, compared to previous GamesComs it was fantastic.

Last year's Gamescom with Tearaway and KZ Mercs was better for me Vita- wise, 2009 (I think) Gamescom with Resistance 3 announcement was more exciting for me than this entire Gamescom :P or maybe on par let's say, there were a few nice games this year and I don't remember other games from the 2009 Gamescom.

Compared to all previous GamesComs, this year had the most games of them all.

Yeah most probably you're right, but let's be honest here (and DISCLAIMER, I love Sony almost as much as you do, maybe even as much :P) but not many were high profile games, BL2 for the Vita which is late to the party, Shadow of the Beast may be as close to AAA as it gets but we don't really know yet, The Chinese Room "Everyone's gone to the Rapture" will be full fledged, but the rest were either indie, or rather small budget (from the looks of it) so the impact of those games won't be very big.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!