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Onyxmeth said:
Any game with the amount of marketing hype, word of mouth hype and massive sales will ALWAYS be overrated by many. It doesn't matter how good the game is. It could have scored better than Ocarina of Time, hell even if it were actually the best first person shooter of all time, there would ALWAYS be a very vocal outcry against how good the games are. halo gets it the worst, but other series like the Sims, Mario, Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo get it too. There are haters everywhere and because of that everything gets hated on. By the way, I also think Halo is overrated.

 It's true.  Everyone has something popular that turns them the wrong way.  If Halo sold a couple hundred thousand, I'd probably not even notice.

 But yeah, I was thinking about selling the 360 last year just because of the army of Haloboys I'd have to be associated with owning that system.  I'm glad I didn't because of Lost Odyssey.

I'm glad that Call of Duty 4 finally overtook Halo 3. 

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