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darklich13 said:
I see a common thing going on with the hate toward Halo. Most people that hate it suck at FPS. Just because you suck at a game dosen't make it overrated. Get some skill and quit being so biased.

I don't suck at FPS's at all :P It's just I take a look at Halo 3, then I take a look at Unreal 3.

Graphics, They both excel at the environments they aimed for.

Vehicles, UT3's vehicles are entirely better, like... all of them.

Weapons (this is a shooter) Halo's weapons are boring and very linear, they all pretty much handle and perform the same, Unreal s offer mods, and have secondary modes of fire which can REALLY spruce up frantic combat. Plus all the weapons in Halo sound terrible ><. Unreal takes this by a landslide :/

Stage Design, this is another area that Unreal just beats the sh*t out of Halo in, not only can you have modded stages, but there are so many unique things about the stages in unreal, this area isn't even comparable :( Did anyone see that Lego stage some dude created? :P

Every time I hear about Halo 3, I hear about how amazing it's multi-player is, and I PERSONALLY found it to be a very lacking experience by comparison :/ and Halo 3 gets perfect 10's thrown all over the place yet Unreal 3 (which I found to be a much better game) never garnished half of the attention. And believe it or not I say all of this without Bias :/ Unreal 3 and Halo 3 were the first of the series's that I got to play. I was actually looking forward to Halo 3 much more than I was Unreal also.

Halo does have 4 player split-screen though, which is awesome :) But it would be more awesome if the game it'self had the caliber of quality that I see out of Unreal :/

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