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Thanks stof, that article is the reason why I put the game on the list. Kwaad, let's not really compare ps3's motion controls to the Wii especially in a game like Godfather. See for yourself: Youtube Godfather Video And Godzilla: Destroy All Monster Melee was an awesome game, I used to play 4 player all the time. Ign also gave it an 8.4. As far as Zorro I don't have high hopes but to comment on the history of Zorro games is a bit unfair as this is only the second console Zorro title in recent history.(not quite a superman, or Fantastic Four horror...yet.) The Bigs is a baseball game, but it's focus is a little more arcade fun style as opposed to the serious sim style games.(think Blitz, although I'm excited to get more bat swinging at of my Wiimote, the first thing I did when I got my Wii was play the homerun derby in Wii sports, and I was waiting for a game like this.) I happen to agree with you on manhunt, scarface, MOH, and Tiger Woods but nonetheless there big franchises showing more support for the Wii. Personally I can't wait for Mysims, and I hope it repeats the success of Sims and animal crossing. If Red Steel can crank out a quarter million in sales just over the holidays I think titles like SSX and Godfather will manage more then 25,000. Oh and I forgot Driver Parallel Lines