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Kwaad said: Space Station Tycoon - Other than the fact NOTHING is known about it. It's also on the PSP at least. MySims - barf SSX Blur - 8.0 Godfather - I'm not sure what's so special about the Wii version. the PS3 version uses motion as well. Tiger Woods - Vomit. (I hate golf and golf games) Zorro - I cant recall a good Zorro game. Godzilla Unleashed - Cant recall a good Godzilla game either... Scarface - Meh. Manunt 2 - Meh. Prince of Persia - Good. Medal of Honor: Vanguard - Meh. The Bigs - I hope this is porn... Because if it's not it should be renamed. Basically there are 2 games I would like out of that. And one is coming for the PSP... at least. The 2nd is just another version of a multiplatform game. So really, nothing exclusive there. As for those games. Ever heard of less than 25,000 sales EACH. Those make the Wii's 3rd party support look WORSE.
Well, these are games that are being announced outside of a major press event ... most of which are going to be sold in the slow half of the year (Q1+Q2). Shovelware, albeit awful games, are typically a good sign for the health of the system because it means a lot of (crappy) developers are seeing the success of a system and saying "me too".