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Here are just a few others that were announced this year alone: Space Station Tycoon MySims SSX Blur Godfather Tiger Woods Zorro Godzilla Unleashed Scarface Manunt 2 Prince of Persia Medal of Honor: Vanguard The Bigs Capcom's studio behind Dead Rising is creating a Wii game The DOA creater seems to be cooking up something as well. Fight Night has been mentioned as well. I think you'll just see more and more as time goes on as well, prior to launch Wii was looked at as a big question mark, now that sales have been great the 3rd parties are really stepping up. EA, Ubisoft, Sega, even Midway have all vowed to bump up their Wii line up so I think over the next few months this list will only grow. I just hope sweet Wii specific titles come as opposed to ps2 ports with motion controls tacked on. But SSX Blur, and Godfather are giving me faith.(have you checked out the Godfather video on youtube where he shows you the controls in play? I didn't think they'd be good, but it really looks like fun.) Plus I loved Godzilla Destroy all monsters melee so unleashed sounds and looks great! I'll be picking SSX up tommorrow when it comes out.