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Weedlab said:
darkknightkryta said:
I wouldn't mind Street Fighter 5 a few years in. I know Capcom is milking Street Fighter 4 as hard as they can, but realistically, this is nothing compared to what they did during the PSX days. 3 Street Fighter 3s, 3 Street Fighter Alphas, two SNK games, and 5 Marvel games. That's not even all the fighters Capcom made at that time, Jo Jos, Darkstalkers etc. I think fighting games from Capcom need to be spaced out or else they'll run into the same troubles that the PSX games did.

That was their excuse for the relatively poor sales of SF X TK - cannibalization and a saturated (fighting game) market. However, a lot of people abstained from the game because of the lack of content and BS moves like on disc DLC. I think those were factors too.

I agree with space between titles. I'm not in a rush to play SFV to be honest, neither MvsC4. I would like a new Capcom vs SNK game though.

They really did screw themselves over with Street Fighter X Tekken.  Just looking at the combo system and the super system; it's actually what Street Fighter 4 should have been.  The game's content was fine, but the gems ruined it.