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JEMC said:
zarx said:

I am thinking of upgrading my PC...

grabbing a Samsung 840 120GB SSD

Asus Z87-C Mobo (cheapest board with the features I want)

i5-4670K (stock cooler for now then grab a better cooler some time next year and push overclock as needed, I don't expect too much due to the well known heat issues with Haswell but I am not too fussed I doubt games will be stressing it much and I don't do heavy video or anything. it's only $10 more than a 3570K for 10% better performance)

8GB G.Skill RAM (much faster stuff than the stuff I am using now)


As Permalite said, I'd go this the Pro with MLC NAND. If price matters and you're not too worried about speed, you could get a Crucial SSD, which also have good prices and performance.

The i5-4670K is also the CPU I'm looking to get, but I'll go with a mobo in the 150-200 € range, something between the Z87-Plus (right angled S-ATA FTW!) and the Hero (I'm also looking at other boards form ASRock and MSI).

hmm how about the Kingston V300? It's MLC bassed and not much more than the Samsung 840, speed doesn't seem tobe anything to write home about but should still be a hell of a lot faster than a mechanical drive. Seems like a reasonable option.

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