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SlayerRondo said:

Then why do people need to tax fast food more? Given that the stew option is so cheap (and for some people to time consuming) why don't people go for it if it's more healthy?

Because they Chose not to, simply as that. And if i choose to eat junk food and you choose to eat healthy that's fine. If i come crying to you some day if i eat to much that i need medical healp or something, tell me to fuck off.

If i want a candy bar and not an apple, that's my choice, not your's.

You're right, it is your choice.

Problem is however that you choose to eat like crap and get yourself totally unhealthy and I have to pick up the tab and pay $70/week for healthcare so you can keep eating garbage.


I wish we could just tell people who treat their bodies like shit to "fuck off", that way my rates might actually drop.



Edit - Just read your other reply to Kaz and it seems that while you like to eat garbage you actually agree with me.

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