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Since all my subjects are all fair wather friends I am just going to talk to myself about PC gaming. I bet all you fuckers forgot who you unanimously voted as your lord and master didn't you!?!?! *continued crazy rant full of revisionist history*

So yea what have you been playing PC gaming wise lately?

Well me I have been playing a game of surpreme manliness called Fortune Summoners. A game where a little girl named Archie and her two best freinds battle monsters bigger than them on the way to school, and some other stuff I guess. Featuring 2D action RPG gameplay with solid spritework and animation. Controls could be tighter but once you get used to them gameplay can be good fun. And as per usual for Carpe Fulgur the translated dialog is pretty damn funny at times.

*looks better non looped lol


Wow Zarx that sounds interesting maybe I should check that game out.


Well Zarx there is a substantial demo available on Steam or directly from here, Pitty you missed the recent sale tho it's probably worth the $20 price tag given the aparent 25+ hours of content. Maybe they will put it on sale again in the upcoming Steam sale.


Thanks Zarx that is good info right there, truely a recommendation fit for a king. We really should support these Japanese games on Steam. So hey what games are you looking forward to on PC these days?


I am glad you asked Zarx, you can find out in this thread and make sure to vote for plenty of PC games while you are there if you haven't already.

Wow you truly are my favorite poster on these forums for a reason, keep up the great work.

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