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J_Allard said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
psrock said:
BanTiger said:
Sony already have there own cloud service - Gaikai

Sir, you are comparing two different cloud. I'm talking about the good cloud, the cloud that enhances you and your games. Seriously.

Yes, lets join the MS propaganda party. MS and Respawn made up a bullshit lie that Titan Fall was exclusive because of Microsofts cloud features, yet the question remains as to why the 360 has it if that is the case. We all know MS moneyhatted them a long time ago before Titan Fall was ever announced. Sonys cloud features can already accomplish what Gaikai was doing and if the 360 is getting the game theres no reason the PS4 shouldn't. 

If "Sony's cloud" can already accomplish what Gaikai does then why don't we have Gaikai now? Also, Titanfall is on 360 because they are using MS's cloud for that version as well.

Either way, LOL @ the idea that Gaikai is equal to the cloud infrastructure of MS, Amazon, or Google. If they had that type of setup in place, they would have been worth way more than 380 million dollars. Just look at the other thread about MS investing 700 million dollars just for one datacenter for this stuff. Sony and Gaikai are wayyyyy behind.

Dude...Sony hasn't even scratched the surface on detailing the abilities of the system they've come up with on Gaikai. We do know Sony has been interested in cloud gaming for a while. They had cloud saving on Plus for a long time bro.