Hello everyone,

I am in a South American country with slow internet, and it has taken 4 days for me to download the game. The download has finished completely.

Now, the game could be played even at about 70%, but I decided to wait until it was beyond the 90s. So I started playing it and it's been awesome, but now it has run into a problem: The game won't work in Chapter 3 ("Las afueras" in spanish) after I climb the ladder at the beginning of the chapter. I can still move and perform actions, but the other characters move strangely and do not talk, and the whole field looks like a broken mess.

Now, while the game was being downloaded, the electricity went off once, causing the PS3 to shut off improperly, but nothing appeared to have happened. I also shut off the PS3 a couple times while the game was being downloaded (after quitting the game though) because at times the internet would stop working completely.

Now, since it's reached 100%, I think I'm going to have to re-download it, but how should I go about it to ensure that next time I download it it will work properly? Specifically, is deleting it through the delete option in the menu enough or should I reformat the disk? Or should I download it in my PC first (so that it doesn't install as it is being downloaded for example, I don't really know how this particular download works)?

Thanks a lot! The game seems awesome but I hope I'm able to finish it!