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ookaze said: shams : how things change between different people. I thought Fire Emblem on the GC was quite strong. I even wonder if you actually played this game, or if you even enjoy (or understand) T-RPG.
Gimme a break :) Who do you think I am? I have played plenty of J-RPG's, and love T-RPG's (my fav game of all time is Master of Orion 1). Played all the silver/gold box SSI series, etc. Love Advance Wars. And as I said, I did play/finish Fire Emblem on the GC & GBA.
ookaze said: Graphics/animation have next to nothing to do with the enjoyment in this game, there's actually an option to turn them off. So a comment about this thing specifically, which is one of the most insignificant thing in this game, is downright suspicious. Then you say the story was bordering on silly !? And your character were bordering on invincible ?! I even wonder if we played the same game. And not losing a character, especially in the last mission, has everything to do with tactics and strategy. Even your supposedly bordering on invincible characters can't survive in the last battle if you make a little mistake, and you should know why.
Come over to my place - I still have the save game, and can take you through the last few missions if you want. I agree that graphics aren't that important - but its also the major difference between playing it on the GC & GBA. And if you put a game like FE on a console - you might as well make the graphics/animations nice, hey? Im *not* saying they sucked - as they didn't. Just thought that they could be better (backgrounds, textures, etc).
ookaze said:Now, I don't know what is the "silly" mode, but in difficult mode, you already get the entire story. Do you get more in this "silly" mode ?
Sorry - I should have explained more. Its not a game mode - its my 'play' mode. In my books, the whole point of a T-RPG, is to sit there and tactically plan out every move. And you have to get it *just* right. The problem I had with the last mission, was I was doing silly things - using the wrong characters on purpose, placing characters in bad positions. I think I had a handful of characters that didn't even fight. When you position a character in front of a bunch of enemies - and the next AI turn, the AI decides to systematically commit suicide by throwing every character at your character - which they *cannot* scratch - it gets pretty silly. I found that problem with the FE series in general. I was expecting a much harder fight (at the end anyway). A friend suggested that I should replay the game without using *any* of that bonus experience (found that sort of ruined the game - near the end of the game, had enough to level up characters 10-20x...).

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