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TomaTito said:

Decided to necro-bump this thread since I think it is relevant to the recent E3 ND where Nintendo announced that Art Academy is in development for WiiU. This was the thing that stuck the most from the ND, although I was also impressed with MK8 and WW.

Quite a few people here (myself included) have always thought that Art Academy could be the next WiiFit for Nintendo's console and it was great to hear confirmation of its development during this years E3.

As we have seen from Miiverse the amount of drawings is staggering, many of superb quality. I'm pretty sure many people would like to improve their drawing skills with the help of this title. Can't wait for the bare-bone downloadable version to release this summer to see how it's evolving and what people can come up with.

Yeah, only bummer is that they won't release the bare-bone version for free if I understood Iwata correctly at the Nintendo Direct.