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We will have to see. The strength of the Xbox brand in the US is still very strong, especially with the 360 still dominating over there. That said, it's not impossible. Both MS and Sony played all their card tonight, and Sony certainly came out far ahead.

MS played most of their cards. they announced 13 exclusives from their 15, titan fall probably isnt one of the 15 they talked about though. sony announced first party 20 exclusives to come in the first year, 30 in development. they have knack, drive club, KZ, infamous and the order announced. meaning they have shit load of games still unannounced. sony has a lot more cards to play. the only reason people are saying they "won" is bacuase the price and no DRM

they didn't need to show any games.  People were actually chanting Sony after that used games announcement.  I've never heard that at E3.  I mean this was just absolute annihilation.  They seriously could've had a 1 minute conference for that and the price and left and they would have won.  Everything else was just gravy.

You must be joking microsoft showed a bunch of good games that can't be beaten just by we support used games. 

ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little but honestly that moment was just epic enough to carry a whole conference.  Besides we already knew about KZ, Infamous, Knack, Driveclub, and exclusive Destiny stuff.

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