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BenKenobi88 said: He said it was rhetorical, meaning he doesn't care about XaviX or MSX. I've seen MSX in action once, although I've never seen the XaviX, just read about it. Frankly, I don't care. The Wii's innovation is that it uses motion sensing technology in a fresh, exciting way...nobody cares that it stole XaviX's thunder as you put it. That's just how the gaming industry works. Nintendo deserves more credit for their marketing strategy and getting the motion sensing console known.
I find this funny. When sony announced motion sensing they are unoriginal and thiefs. Yet when you point out that the Nintendo didn't creat or think up of this tech first , it is now in a fresh new way. This type of sentiment exploded after E3. People then wanted to claim who was first...... after the arguement fails then it is who made it more popular. It is one way or the other not both. PS forgive the frequency of post please. I am really bored right now. PS PS context of post "BIZ: Can you name a few things about Nintendo and Microsoft that they may have done a better job at than Sony and a few things where perhaps they could improve and learn from Sony? PH: Both companies clearly have great strengths and they've both done some wonderful things in their respective fields. What could they learn from us? I think Nintendo, although I am very respectful of the innovation in Wii, and I think everybody should be respectful of it, I'm not sure that it has the technology base to propel that platform in the long-term. So I think their platform lifecycle is inherently going to be shorter, so they could have learned from us in terms of the high technology approach. Microsoft's approach I think is far too built around a single game IP, one IP, and they could learn the benefits of a killer catalog rather than a killer application. And having the broad software support in multiple genres, in multiple categories, in multiple age groups is what really propels a platform for the long-term. So I think those are the differences that we see between the platforms." Can people stop calling him arrogant?

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