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BenKenobi88 said: Yes. A speaker, rumble, and pointing device make it more advanced...but the big difference is that the SixAxis can only detect roll, pitch, and yaw. Simply put, it's tilt vs. motion sensing. The technology inside the Sixaxis is a basic tilting accelerometer device. In a sense, that's the same style of control as the Wiimote's left hand nun-chuck. The actual PS3 hardware (the console itself) is lacking the full motion sensing technology that recognizes swinging or stabbing motions or anything apart from raises and tilts "to the controller. The Wii's technology allows for a complete 360 degree range of motion, and the addition of the sensor bar adds checks the controllers position in relation to the screen. This allows for aiming and depth. It's impossible to play Wii Sports with a SixAxis, although Super Monkey Ball would work, cause that's just tilting. You can see it when you hold a bat in Wii Sports baseball. You can hold it behind your head and wave it around a little, seeing your motion directly translated to the baseball bat on the screen. The SixAxis cannot detect that.
How does this get repeated so often? The sixaxis can sense both rotational orientation and translational acceleration along all three dimensional axes. The naming convention is wrong there are not 6 axis but they are trying to get the point across that the controller can provide a full six degrees of freedom. ( the device also may contain two 3-axis accelerometers) Wherever you got your information from it is wrong. Furthurmore "-yeah, and the way it uses the IR sensing is really cool...something the PS3 doesn't have." They way the PS3 is designed no one cares about IR sensing. "-The SixAxis has NO speaker" And? Am I the only one here who doesn't give a crap about the speaker? "-The SixAxis does not rumble." I'll cry about it later.... just like I cried when my wavebird didn....... actually I didn't care. "-Get a 30 dollar's not that bad..." Sixaxis charges on the PS3 without the need to purchase something else "To me, it sounds like the SixAxis sucks in comparison to the Wiimote. Also, Phil Harrison hardly ever has anything nice to say...see "Wii=impulse buy" or "$1200 per PS3 on shelves." Saying we should respect the Wii is probably the nicest thing he's said in months, and that's sad. You wonder why people hate's because of the image this guy gives it." To me this is nothing negative. Your bonuses on the Wii remote sound more like a child bragging about how many jellybeans he can stick in his nose. If you like it, that great but I do not see the great advantages it provides. The wii menu is designed witht he wiimote in mind while the PS3's menu isn't I do not think trying to navigate the XMB with a pointing device would be fun. Phil Harrison said something. The comment within itself is not negative So if you percieve it to be an insult it is your problem. Calling something an impulse buy is not a negative thing.

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