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Diomedes1976 said: You must be a bit retarded .Oh well lets see how to answer to this mess ..... 1:Phil Harrison isnt Sonys President . 2.You have taken literally out of context the phrase .He was asked what he perceived the rivals strenghts and after signalling them he continued to say the competition had also some things to learn from Sony . 3.The Wii and Wiimote are a complete rip-off of the XaviX console . 4.Before Nintendo was manufacturign the NES Sony was already manufacturing the MSX series ,a game-centered computer wich triumphed in Orient and some places of the world and was house of most Konami and other third parties games which were later ported to the NES . Goodbye .
1. Who said he was the president? 2. It's possible that some things Phil Harrison says gets taken out of context, but as a public representative, he should know better than throw insults around or make the kind of implications that make him seem so arrogant. 3. XaviX sucked. Motion sensing has been around for a long time, we should be glad Nintendo made a good system that uses it. 4. So? Nintendo clearly did better in the days of NES, so what do they have to learn from Sony? Also, yeah....if motion sensing is the future, then the Wii clearly is the future according to Phil Harrison himself. The Wiimote is just simply more advanced than a SixAxis. EDIT:
staticneuron said: Why is that repeated so often? Both are bluetooth, both can detect motion and rotation, but the Wii remote has a speaker, rumble and is a pointing device. So........ the speaker, rumble and optical sensor makes it that much more "technologically advanced"?
Yes. A speaker, rumble, and pointing device make it more advanced...but the big difference is that the SixAxis can only detect roll, pitch, and yaw. Simply put, it's tilt vs. motion sensing. The technology inside the Sixaxis is a basic tilting accelerometer device. In a sense, that's the same style of control as the Wiimote's left hand nun-chuck. The actual PS3 hardware (the console itself) is lacking the full motion sensing technology that recognizes swinging or stabbing motions or anything apart from raises and tilts to the controller. The Wii's technology allows for a complete 360 degree range of motion, and the addition of the sensor bar adds checks the controllers position in relation to the screen. This allows for aiming and depth. It's impossible to play Wii Sports with a SixAxis, although Super Monkey Ball would work, cause that's just tilting. You can see it when you hold a bat in Wii Sports baseball. You can hold it behind your head and wave it around a little, seeing your motion directly translated to the baseball bat on the screen. The SixAxis cannot detect that.

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )