naznatips said:
The_vagabond7 said:
Again, how is this different from PCs? Any PC gamers here? This is just like PC online gaming. Each developer decides whether or not you'll pay to play their game online. The only difference is you can pay with wiipoints, instead of paying each developer individually with a credit card.

This isn't even new. Games like Phantasy Star online, and Final Fantasy XI already did/do this.

People are freaking out over a complete non-issue.

Pardon my French Vagabond, but what the hell are you talking about? The only PC online services that charge anything are MMOs and Windows Live. PC online is and always will be 99% free. Now, if this is just for MMOs (which is what I think) then it will be like PCs, but random games aren't charged for.

Exactly. Odds are pretty much anything other than MMOs will still be free. You don't have to pay to play online for some random FPS, but if some company is putting alot of time and money into maintaining servers, they will probably charge for it. Not even all MMOs you have to pay to play online. Odds are 90% of wii games will be free to play online, but if somebody wants to make a game with a dedicated server, they should be able to charge for it. Nintendo is providing a way to do so. Sorry if I wasn't clearer in my point.

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