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spurgeonryan said:
Soundwave said:
spurgeonryan said:
If too many more of these retailers cut the prices, Nintendo will have to make an official price cut, before they start to look stupid for having the price so high, but no one is actually going by it.

I have a bad feeling they may change the price.

LOL, I'll never understand why people are so intent on the price remaining high. Heaven forbid it's more affordable to more people.

Nintendo looks bad with the state of the Wii U already so that ship sailed like 3 months ago.

People and I am sure, nintendo, are afraid that we are reliving the 3DS, which only needed more games to have sales stay high continuously. The price cut was a bad choice that made many angry. Ambassador games was not enough.


Plus they would not be making any money off of a reduced price system, and the boost in sales would be short lived. More Games!

The Wii U is in far worse shape than the 3DS ever was. The lowest the 3DS ever sank to was 97k I think in North America (for example), which is almost 3x what the Wii U sold last month. Prior to that short period where the 3DS price drop was announced but not effective of course.

A couple of more Mario games isn't fixing this mess alone.