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RolStoppable said:
lestatdark said:

Skyward Sword also had a game-breaking bug, where you had to visit the Fire, Water and Thunder dragons, but if you visted the Thunder Dragons and speak to the Goron nearby before doing any of the other two, they would become unaccessible and you could no longer progress in the game. 

Edit - My bad, Skyward Sword came out in late 2011. Make that two games in less than two years.

It still puzzles me why anyone would return to the goron at that point. It's such an illogical thing to do.

Don't know, by the time I reach that area I was aware of the bug so I did the Fire and Water dungeons first. I still remember it created a tiny shitstorm in some nintendo forums though. A Zelda game with a game-breaking bug? Heresy.

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