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weaveworld said:
I'd go with some South American soccer player but since that's not an option I'll go for 'some European soccer player'.

Beckham at the moment, prior to that Messi.

Of the Americans, there are ways for Tiger to pull that off again.

During summer, probably Bolt.

I think people right now talk more about Neymar cause his future will be decided soon.Everyone wants to know where he will go to.
After that probably Ronaldo,Messi or even Falcao.

Everyone wants to know what is with the Rumors around Ronaldo....Manchester United?Chelsea or PSG?Or does he really stay at Real Madrid...Everyday on every damn sport related site you can read this.
Messi after that cause of his injury and records of this season and Falcao cause he is rumored to throw his career away with a move to Monaco.

After players > Mourinho cause everyone wants to know where he will go to.

Football players and managers are the most talked persons in sport if you look WORLDWIDE.
Im pretty sure it isn't that big of a deal in the USA but at the same time you don't see here much about the basketball news as far as im aware of.Didn't read about anything really in the papers besides a small news while every 2nd page it is like "OMG WHERE WILL RONALDO/NEYMAR/MOURINHO GO TO?!?!"