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JayWood2010 said:

I underlined something for you.  You was right about it being the 2nd most viewed sport.  It just isn't the most popular overall and press definitely shows that.  I think a lot of it is because sports like NBA and MLB has 80 and 100+ games a year and people have to pay extra to watch their favorite teams play.  However NASCAR you can watch all your favorite driver in every race going against everybody else.  I don't think NBA and MLB really pickup a lot of views until playoffs because of weird schedules.

Haha i was going to say I looked it up once just to see and even though I am a diehard NASCAR fan I was suprised to see it was that popular. Also I think the reason it doesn't get al  lot of press on sports channels and websites is the fact most of them don't consider it a sport (which is %100 false but thats another argument). As a diehard fan I never go to ESPN for NASCAR updates I just watch SPEED channel or go to 

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