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Munkeh111 said:
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Munkeh111 said:
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Munkeh111 said:
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I disagree with your reasoning. All because Pellegrino never had the support that Mourinho has been getting for the last 3 years. Pellegrino's Madrid never had € 300 millions to spend on players that he barely uses. But still his team used to play "a la Madrid" style, offensive,attractive and effective. And Pellegrini lost the championship  to Barca not by much unlike Mourinho. And Barca at the time were well rounded team with no deficiencies like the past 2 seasons.

Mourinho is a type of mercenary to get the job done. Don't ask him to play an attractive soccer or develop young talents. It's been like that since his Benfica days.

He is a good psychologist but not a player developer.

Do you know if Mourinho is in charge of transfers? I would suggest he isn't as that is becoming less and less common these days, but he still made a huge amount of progress

He very definitely does develop players, there is a reason that so many players are so loyal to him, he just makes them into better players, see Frank Lampard. 

Frank was already an established player when Mourinho got there. He makes them better with his tatics but not technically. They love him because he his loyal to them but there were also cases where they said bad things about him. Like Makelele for example.

Edit: He is in charge of transfers, no players are bought wihtout his consent.

He was a decent player, but not a world beater, Jose told him he was the best midfielder in the world and he responded. There is no doubt that without Jose Lampard would not still be going with Chelsea and would not have got 203 goals. 

Says who? He will get a say, but I doubt it will be the final say

As a Chelsea fan you should know that Mourinho doesn't take kindly presidents and owners interfering with his teams. Look at Shevchenko case. Got a favor from Abramovich and Mourinho was not happy for the remainder of time in Chelsea and this was one of the reason he probably left/got fired.


Mourinho is overrated
Hes just an ok trainer and hes all talk, there lies his strength.
Sure i only say that cause im a Barsa supporter. XD


Well he is better than Guardiola and Tito defensively. Tactically I don't think anybody can match him.

He reads the matches like no one else. I hope AVB gets to his level just to shut him up because AVB is all about the beauty of the game and he is about winning.

Yeah, he doesn't like that, but he is going to have to learn to deal with it.

Are you joking about AvB? He is nowhere near the level Mourinho is at, where would Tottenham be if Bale had not saved them every other match?

It's not his fault that Tottenham is broke and can't afford some decent defenders. This is Tottenham best season yet. AVB is very talented and look what he did when he had Hulk, Falcao and Joao Moutinho. AVB is new, but very wise and just needs a bitt of time and money.