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Munkeh111 said:
Jose made the Madrid team one of the best in the world. Before then, they had been all reputation, but little recent success. In his time there, he managed to beat "the greatest team ever" in the League and make Madrid a force to be reckoned with in the Champions League. I know he didn't succeed this year, but you can't help but be impressed that this is his first full season without a trophy.

His time at Madrid has probably been a failure, but only in comparison to what he has done before, Madrid are definitely a better team now then they were 3 years ago

But anyway, you'll probably ignore me since I am a Chelsea fan desperately awaiting his return

I disagree with your reasoning. All because Pellegrino never had the support that Mourinho has been getting for the last 3 years. Pellegrino's Madrid never had € 300 millions to spend on players that he barely uses. But still his team used to play "a la Madrid" style, offensive,attractive and effective. And Pellegrini lost the championship  to Barca not by much unlike Mourinho. And Barca at the time were well rounded team with no deficiencies like the past 2 seasons.

Mourinho is a type of mercenary to get the job done. Don't ask him to play an attractive soccer or develop young talents. It's been like that since his Benfica days.

He is a good psychologist but not a player developer.