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Player2 said:
zuvuyeay said:
atletico are pretty good team at the moment though aren't they,i know ronaldo is up there but who else have real got upfront scoring seems like they need someone better up there aswell seeing as they are the real ,are they a bit short?

Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuaín, both scored 20+ goals in la liga last season, but their perfomance this year has been weak.

Atletico is probably going to sell Falcao this summer so they'll be weaker next season.

so it is just benzema and higuain,good players but like you say not done it this season,they say benzema a bit over rated/priced too but i don't see him every week,

where is falcao going to go,he will cost a fair bit,must be psg or man city i guess

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