Ckmlb1 said:

Glad it's a game for you, you said we can't compare the 9/11 attacks to an attack on a consulate in a dangerous zone of the world. So I gave you a 10 examples of attacks on US consulates and embassies specifically in dangerous countries (warzones, countries with abundant terrorists) that can be directly compared. Though I don't remember a single 'scandal' about them not being safe enough. Also forgot some apparently: Calcutta (2002, 5 dead), Tashkent (2004, 2 dead) and Istanbul (2008, 6 dead)

Also, Petraeus didn't decide to come out about his affair out of the blue. It was because it was discovered by an FBI investigation and the media was running with the story before he ever confessed.

I took issue with the comparison to 9/11 and theprof's inaccurate portrayal of what the French told us prior to the attacks. As for the rest, I don't give a shit what the Bush administration failed to do in a thread about Obama. It's an attempt to deflect. We shouldn't care about Obama fucking up and lying about it because Bush fucked up? No. I'm not going to get in some stupid partisan food fight. If you want to do that, go find a Republican to play with.

If there was a rumor of Petraeus' affair in the media before he resigned, I completely missed it. Maybe they were getting ready to run with the story either way and he decided to resign first, but if everyone who had an affair uncovered by an unrelated FBI investigation resigned, I don't think there would be anyone left in Washington. So it seems to me that Petraeus is gone because someone wanted him gone. It's entirely possible that that has nothing to do with Benghazi but intra-CIA power struggles or something instead, but the timing makes it stink.