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1337 Gamer said:
KingofTrolls said:
1337 Gamer said:
Angelus said:
Does anybody else think this game will flop badly on PS4? I was pretty excited when Sony brought out Blizzard at their reveal, but Diablo 3.......really?

Anyone who cares about this game has already played it to death. Personally, I'd be surprised if this version sells half a million lifetime. Maybe it's just me though

Agreed. The game really sucks. I just started playing it again recently and its just so lame... not sure what the big hype is with this being a PS4 release. Any real blizzard fans already have this (and all other blizzard games on PC.)

Oh Im so sorry, I dont have D3 on PC because - idiotic Aution House + bad itemisation, what means u have to buy items on Real Money Auction House, or endless farm craps. Moreover - poor PvP what was biggest Blizzard lie in company's history, internet connection reguired ( for what ? ) and because so many players trade only in AH, not play the game. Also cheaters, bots ( patch 1.0.8 bug was epic ). Diablo  3 is not the game, it is more like commodity exchange. The PS3 version will have no one of these amazing ,, features ". 


Blizzard said itself the Auction House was their biggest mistake. 

Meh to each their own. The game was shitty. While the AH sucked it was not the worst of diablo 3s problems. The whole game sucked ass. The story is decent but honestly i question the sanity of anyone who actually wants to PVP in this game. It takes no skill its just a keyboard faceroll spam all your skills then melee/kite until you can do it again. People who enjoy MOBA games should just go play League of Legends or Dota 2.

Sorry if that post offends anyone but seriously this game is not worth it. I dont want you PS3 fans to go through what us PC players felt. We got super hyped up about the game. We were promised awesome features and then when the game came out it fell flat on its face.

The story is Ok but its not worth replaying nor is there anything else to do after youve completed it. Sure you can go monster grind to find awesome gear but whats the point? Its the same thing over and over.

Yeah Diablo 3 needs a great patch/ add-ons. Blizz is making it, they try to fix the problems. 

In my post I mean 4 vs 4 PvP, not 1vs1. This will be totally new, fresh thing. Blizz said patch 1.1 is patch where the true PvP appears.