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Angelus said:
Oh it's coming to PS3 as well? Guess I wasn't paying attention properly lol

Still have my doubts about it's sales potential on consoles, but we'll see. Exclusive add ons would be a big boost I suppose.

Not exclusive, I dont said that. PC and PS3 version will both have all hotfixes, all add ons etc. The game will get PvP at 1.1 version and I predict they will launch PS3 version at 1.1. They will make 2 add ons for both PC and PS3

Why PS3 version of this game shall be a killer app ?

No online connection required, no Auction House/Real Money Auction House, better itemization, more arcade gameplay, directly control of characters, 4 players co op online, new boss battles. This is why all PC fans of Diablo III complains a lot after PS Meeting reveal.


Remember guys, we dont anything about PS4 version.