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green_sky said:
walsufnir said:
green_sky said:

I just caught up with this season. Definitely the best season so far. Every single scene and dialogue is so well acted. The 4th and 5th episode were some of the best ones yet in a series where even the worst is good. The climb was slight cooling off after the epic moments but the last few moments were so damn chilling.

Littlefinger's words with the final scene. Great stuff.

Oh yes, that poor little girl that once had to serve Joffrey as a sex slave... But I always thought she wouldn't make it anyway.

The Bolton-scene with Reek Theon also was almost too cruel for me.

The climbing on top of the wall was very intense and the view from the top was absolutely perfect for me. I am looking forward to the last 4 episodes.

Yea i just don't get the torture parts. If they important to the story that is fine but they are taking valuable time away from lot of other things they could cover. Theon was a dick though but i don't wish such fate on anyone. 

Joffrey is back to his wacko behaviour and i guess last of misfortune for Ros. I really liked her. Well she is gorgeous and was a good added character for the show. 

The climb was indeed quite wonderfully done and agree on the view. I've only read the first book so it is all new to me. 


Not telling you too much but yes, the torturing is quite important for the story of Theon :) I am surprised they show him now, in the books this was done later. But I can see how it fits in the whole picture that the series is going to tell.