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Diomedes1976 said: Capcom has just announced that Monster Hunter 2 has sold 700K in four days ....fastest selling third party game ever on a handheld ....
And the irony is that its easily the fastest selling game on the PSP - as there isn't anything else in that league. The latest Pokemons sold what... 800k units on day#1 on the DS? The challenge is still out there for MH2 - will it be in the top#10... 4 weeks after launch? (the first one is still in the charts - near the bottom... promising signs for Capcom!). EDIT: At least this record will last a while... if FFXII doesn't beat it on the DS, I doubt it has any chance of sustaining the onslaught that will be DQIX (may do 2-3mill in launch week!).

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