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Projekt RED: Single-Player Only, DRM 'Worst Thing' In Video Game Industry

Witcher 3 Project Lead, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz (left)

To many fans of the series, the Witcher games are some of the last great single-player role-playing games being made. Recently there have been murmurings of a possible multiplayer mode in CD Projekt RED’s upcomingThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This speculation has led to some understandable worry.

With companies like EA abandoning single-player games altogether, and many beloved franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect seeing tacked-on multiplayer elements, it would be pretty painful to see the same thing happen to the next Witcher.

Good news, then, for fans of Geralt of Rivia and the Witcher universe.

CD Projekt RED has told me in no uncertain terms that this is not in the works, noting that “the game will be an epic, story driven, single player, open world RPG experience” and that they “strongly feel that this final saga of Geralt has no place for meaningful multiplayer.”

I always like to start the day off with good news.

But what about the rest of the game? How will The Witcher 3 take what madeAssassins of Kings so great and repackage it into an open-world experience?

More to the point, how will the Polish developer manage to do this without suffering the fate of so many open-world games: big, beautiful worlds with lackluster stories….


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