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PlaystaionGamer said:
UC 2 and 3 only cost 20mil.. not a chance


No they didn't, lol. UC3 had a $7.6 million marketing budget in the UK alone. UC1 & UC2 cost 20 million to develop but that doesn't include marketing. So UC1 = $35 million & UC2 = $45 million is more accurate. UC3 probably cost $20-25 million to develop and $35-40 million to market = UC3 cost $60 million. Heavy Rain cost about $52 million to develop and market by the way and made $130 million for Sony.

God of War III only cost $44 million to develop and market, I doubt God of War: Ascension cost more but it's probably in that ballpark, around $35-$45 million sounds right considering how ambitious the game is with the suprisingly deep multiplayer in addition to a standard 10 hour single-player adventure. It has almost definitely made that money back already, I estimate it sold over 1 million worldwide by week 4 and considering special & collector's editions it has made between $60-65 million. It should make over $200 million lifetime. Don't even want to guess at how much of that Sony gets.