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The 3DS was criticized initially for a slow ramp of games, something Nintendo has tried to counter with releases like Luigi's Mansion (which Fils-Aime says has sold 415,000 units so far) and today's Nintendo Direct announcements. Over the next nine months, he says, "the pace is going to be dramatically ramped up."

I'm really happy for Luigi's Mansion. It's in line with what VGC have (450k) unlike FE which was overtracked a lot. This should indicate a strong month for the 3DS in NA. Also Fire Emblem has been confirmed that it topped 240k in the US. I think this really bodes well for future releases (especially SMT4 and Bravely Default) as it shows that the 3DS is capable of selling all types of games, something Nintendo has struggled with in the past. 

Overall software is up by 55% in the same time frame, and the gap should be even bigger with the amazing summer and holidays lineup in store in comparison to a weak one last year. With Lego City, Sould Hackers, DKC, Animal Crossing, Mario Golf,  Mario & Luigi, and SMT4 between now and the end of the summer (adding to Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion earlier this year), Nintendo find themselves in unfamiliar territory. For once they're managing to build momentum and carry it towards the holidays instead of just waiting to release a few games in November and capitalise on the holidays spree. Not since the early DS days has Nintendo done this.

I think compared to 2012 the 3DS is in a much better situation. Last year, after releasing SM3DLand and MK7 late 2011, they killed that momentum with very scarce releases and ended up having a lackluster holiday season (in the West) with an unusually weak holiday lineup (Paper Mario was the only major release). Now they have Pokemon (which alone should suffice), Zelda, Mario Party, and Bravely Default (and whatever Nintendo announce post E3) to end the year with a bang! I honestly think the 3DS may have a shot at 20 mil worldwide this year, especially with Japan getting beast games this year.