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mtu9356 said:
Slimebeast said:
Xeilyn said:
I loved Demon's Souls and I didnt find it that hard at all, i died more times in Uncharted 2. But when time came to try my luck in Dark souls i just failed horribly and I havent touched it since then, I have a very stressfull and depressing job so I dont want to come home and get even more stressed i guess:P If i become unemployed i will give it a second try

I think you might be a lier.

Demon's Souls was clearly more difficult than Dark Souls, with or without a guide.

I don't think its as clear as you suggest.  I would actually say dark souls is slightly harder if you had no prior experience playing either.  That being said I died much more in demon's souls then dark souls.  I actually cruised through most of dark souls because demon's souls had trained me so well (and I'm guessing thats why you feel the way you do).

Probably yes lol