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The liked the ending. But I've seen versions before.

My main question is,

There's 1 humungous point of divergence, the baptism. Two universes that diverge more later on.

1) Where he becomes comstock. This gets destroyed. But, why can't Booker just take all the elizabeths and be big happy family,  instead of the elizabeths killing booker, and thus killing themself? I guess if I looked at other time travel things. No matter what they do he will always become comstock because of convergence, and always be locked in their tower until false shepard frees her. But why can't they continue you on after that? I know it can get quite messy with elizabeth's powers.

2) Where he's a good daddy. But wouldn't this universe exist anyways, just not the booker you played with in the videogame. 

My complaint about the ending

The thing that doesn't have to do with the ending being clever, or having holes. Is that the ending pretty much discards the current elizabeths relationship(and the best thing about the game imo), the current booker relationship for the sake of a twist (albeit good twist), and there is never really a conclusion between the two characters that you grew with during the story because elizabeth after the siphon is destroyed becomes omnipressent and that's the last you see of the elizabeth that you grew with, so to me it was emotionally unsatisfying.

You're supposed to be happy, because booker gets reunited with his daughter, but didn't that universe exist before the game? and that booker isn't the booker that was with you during the game.

I understand