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bananaking21 said:
pokoko said:
Damn, uh ... I just realized that I almost always look something up, even if it's small, like card combinations in Persona 3 or boss farming videos in Borderlands 2.

This is hard.

I'll go with Torchlight 2. I looked up character classes but I don't think I looked up anything about gameplay.

im exactly the opposite, i dont look anything up until i absoluty have to. like in heavenly sword. i reached the last boss fight, got stuck then for some reason i didnt play the game and finish it, i returned to it after a month and half or so and i completly forgot the controles and how to play, i had to look up some technique's on how to finish it.

though this does show the difference between my taste in games and yours. from what i read on the forums your more in RPG's and JRP's. where im more action oriented or adventure games, which usually have lower difficulty levels

That's probably true, though it's likely less about difficulty and more about certain types of games having a lot of hidden content.  I don't like missing stuff.  I want to know about the stuff I'm not likely to find during a normal play-through.  I want all the rare items I can get.

Also, this might sound kind of strange, but I'm not really a fan of boss fights in general.  I find a lot of them to be gimmicky, and if I'm ready for the story to progress, I don't mind using cheap tactics.  It's not that I don't like difficulty, as one of my favorite things is to fight higher level enemies before I'm supposed to, like Deathclaws in Fallout, it's just that a lot of boss fights are kind of generic and use predictable patterns.  I have a lot more fun fighting through a tough patch of elites.