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pokoko said:
Damn, uh ... I just realized that I almost always look something up, even if it's small, like card combinations in Persona 3 or boss farming videos in Borderlands 2.

This is hard.

I'll go with Torchlight 2. I looked up character classes but I don't think I looked up anything about gameplay.

im exactly the opposite, i dont look anything up until i absoluty have to. like in heavenly sword. i reached the last boss fight, got stuck then for some reason i didnt play the game and finish it, i returned to it after a month and half or so and i completly forgot the controles and how to play, i had to look up some technique's on how to finish it. 

though this does show the difference between my taste in games and yours. from what i read on the forums your more in RPG's and JRP's. where im more action oriented or adventure games, which usually have lower difficulty levels