Alphachris said:
I always wonder why Final Fantasy XIII gets so much hate on the internet while it got mostly stellar to good reviews. Maybe US gamer simply have different tastes in gaming than EU or Japanese gamers?

Well, I am really looking forward to the conclusion of the story arc. Despite all the hate I found that the later Final Fantasy games since FF X offered more mature Storytelling then the former entries.

People's expectations were too high. Also, the game had its flaws. Personally, I could live with them and I loved the game despite them. That said, I have a strong feeling they went completely wrong with XIII-2 - because of that feeling, I still haven't played it. It seems as though they listened to feedback but didn't have a vision to support it and as the result, the game lost the magic even XIII had despite its flaws. But I could be wrong because I haven't played it yet.