Mnementh said:
VGKing said:

It just doesn't make sense. History has shown us that Nintendo consoles peak early in their life cycle. Gamecube had price + games and that didn't help it against the PS2. Now, I'm not saying Wii U is another Gamecube but if we rate Wii U on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 equals performance similar to Gamecube and 10 is closer to Wii......I would rate the Wii U a 5. It won't fail like Gamecube, but it won't succeed like Wii either.

I completely agree with your conclusion, that the WiiU will sell somewhere between GC and Wii (well, thats a lot of free space between the two). But to the first (early peak): I think SNES had good sales over a long time.

And history was also showing us that Nintendo home consoles sales decreased with every generation... until the Wii came along and broke that trend.

History can be useful for showing correlation, but you have to examine it more deeply before you can make any conclusions.


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