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Mnementh said:
Mazty said:

Dude look at the graph, seriously, look at it, and let me quote you this part as you quite clearly missed it:

Dude, really, look at the graph carefully:

Look careful and notice the timespan taken into account for Nintendo- and non-Nintendo-systems. Notice also that PS3 more than doubles GC in NPD-data according to this. Now look at another graph showing PS3 and GC according to NPD - so basically the same:

Congratulations mazty, you found the most biased article EVER. Thanks for sharing, this OP gives me a good laugh. The next article in the series compares the worst yearly GDP of the US since its independence with the worst of the last 8 years for the Netherlands to show how economical inferior the US is.

Also for everyone: if the WiiU is on the same level as the Wii nothing can go wrong!

(Referring specifically to the PS3 vs Gamecube comparison)
That only makes the Gamecube look even worse. PS3 was $600, Gamcube was what? 200?

Anyway PS3 was pretty much guaranteed 3rd party support no matter how poorly it would have sold. Wii U doesn't have that so a slow start is something it may never recover from. It won't peak in its 5th or 6th year like PS3 has.