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SvennoJ said:
Mummelmann said:
And perhaps this version is actually playable over network!

"Syntax error" was the worst phrase we ever read on every LAN we had.

I never had that problem. However with 6 of us in LAN it really started to crawl with everyone having huge armies on the move. 200 x 6 units on the map meant it would take 15 minutes to reach the other side of the map, we gave up.

@Okr The HD remaster is done by Hidden Path Entertainement, a private company. So you won't be rewarding MS for destroying the franchise. However I also think $20 is a bit of a cash grab for this. I'll pick it up when it's $10. I don't expect to play it for that long anyway, I already played it to death back in the day.

MS will receive money from this. It is their franchise.