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IsawYoshi said:

Hopefully the bundle might do something, but looking at MH3 I can't say I'm sure.

? MH played its role during launch week of Wii U. There's reports about bundle sold out and its not selling anymore in many stores like regular bundles.

Also, it's a third version of MH3 (Wii, 3DS, WiiU). Everbody tired of MH3 already (I'm even not counting 3rd and 3rd HD games was released on Sony platforms). But even so, It sold 200K on Wii U (not counting digital sales from eShop) with userbase of 800K users, and Capcom said its a "hit". For example, MH 3rd HD sold 500K on PS3 with userbase of 6,5 -7 million.

"it will sell some. probably on par with the success of batmanAC and mass effect 3."

Lol what? We're talking about Japan here. There's no one care about ME or Batman. And those games aren't MMOs, they're not going to be promoted in years.

"so i don't see it pulling in any new audience that has a wiiU but never had a wii."

Funny, but even with HUGE Wii userbase in Japan, people bought 40,000 Wiis in the week of DQX release. Game atracted new audience even on such a "big" platform. So...