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ishiki said:
zarx said:
ishiki said:

I sold my 560 Ti for 100USD, and I got a Radeon 7950 for $255! yay aha zarx in dusk.

I'ma overclock that tonight heh.

Must resist urge to upgrade GPU....

Must wait until next gen GPUs with double VRAM are released....

Must resist...

I tried to too, I like to skip gens, I just lol impulse buy. (I guess not really since I did sell the other one but)... 

zoh well I've had this processor for a long time, so it evens out?

I'm still rocking a AMD Phenom II 955 which becomes unstable if I overclock it even a little bit lol. I think I might upgrade that before my GPU actually, I just got to see if moving to Intel with Haswell (probably a i5 4670) which would probably be more expensive or go with AMD again when they launch their FX-Vishera 2.0 CPUs and get an 8 core as that might be better in the long run if console ports are going to be designed around 8 core CPUs.

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